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TSA Designated Aviation Channeling Services

Telos ID offers airports, air carriers, and contractors a competitive TSA-approved alternative to other clearinghouse services. Telos ID Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) services offer lower fees, better customer service and quicker processing through a secure web-based solution that lets the aviation industry more efficiently run their background check and badging operations.

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Telos ID DAC is...

  • Low cost – A lower-cost alternative to other channeling services
  • Customer service – Responsive technical support available 24X7
  • Easy to use – Quick and easy enrollment and fingerprint collection, flats or slap prints
  • Interoperable – Modular Web-based services that integrates with your access control, badging, or training systems
  • Secure – Complies with TSA security requirements for Authority to Operate (ATO); meets DHS regulations for handling personally identifiable information

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Submissions

Telos ID's MobileAssure secure Level 2 fingerprint collection and submission system is certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and complies with both state and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regulations and standards. We are listed among AHCA Livescan Device Vendors and Service Providers who have voluntarily chosen to have their equipment and electronic fingerprint data submission systems evaluated to verify compliance with both state and federal standards.

Florida Service Locations

Please click link above for participating FDLE Livescan sites operating in Pascoe, Hillsborough, Miami-Dade, and Seminole counties.

FDLE Livescan Vendor List

FBI Fingerprint Background Checks
Non-Criminal Fingerprint-based Background Checking Services

  • Telos ID offers IDVetting; a comprehensive managed service that directly submits electronic biometric fingerprints to the FBI to compare with criminal history record information with fast (less than 24 hours) electronic response for customers who have authorized access under federal statues (FBI Channeling) as well as individuals seeking personal FBI background checks.

  • Telos ID now offers individuals the ability to submit paper fingerprint cards into IDVetting for personal FBI background checks. Register and follow the instructions below today!

MobileAssure Fingerprint Solutions
Secure, convenient, high-quality fingerprinting submissions

  • Telos ID's MobileAssure Capture service is an innovative, all-in-one mobile client solution for capturing and submitting biometric and demographic information to the FBI and other participating states and entities for non-criminal background checks.

  • We deliver a broad portfolio of FBI-quality background investigations for employees, contractors and candidates to Federal and State governments, as well as commercial enterprises

  • We use certified secure hardware and software and many of our staff hold high level federal clearances

  • MobileAssure Capture software is fully compliant with the FBI's Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification (EBTS) version 9.1 with support for Criminal Ten Print Submission (CAR) and Non-Federal Applicant User Fee (NFUF) Transactions.

Meeting all your fingerprinting submission needs.

FDLE Fingerprint Services
The MobileAssure Fingerprint Service is an approved FLDE Service and Livescan provider and offers qualifying agencies in Florida the ability to submit applicants for FDLE background checks. Our solution includes a certified livescan device that is used to capture applicant's fingerprints along with a PC and our MobileAssure Capture software that is used for collecting applicant data and for submission of records for a criminal history background check.

Our web-based solution using handles the transactions, provides credit card payment options and pays the FDLE fee all while providing you a per transaction based payment for the submission. This solution also offers agencies the ability to review scheduled appointments, set office hours, and pre-authorize applicants for processing.

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