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Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)

Question: When I click on the button to "Make an Appointment for FDLE Fingerprinting" or "Register to Submit FBI Background Check", I get an error message and the page cannot displayed in my Internet browser.

Answer: The TLS 1.0 security protocol may disabled on your browser settings. To enable TLS 1.0 follow these directions:

Internet Explorer:
  • Go to Tools menu at the top of the screen, select Internet Options

  • Select the Advanced tab

  • Scroll to the Security section (at the bottom)

  • Check Use TLS 1.0

  • Click OK

  • Close and restart all open browsers

  • Firefox:
  • Go to Tools menu at the top of the screen, select Options

  • Select the Advanced icon

  • Select the Encryption tab

  • Check Use TLS 1.0

  • Click OK

  • Close and restart all open browsers

  • Chrome:
  • Click the wrench icon

  • Select Options

  • Select Under the Hood tab

  • Click Change proxy settings

  • Select Advanced tab

  • Scoll down and check TLS 1.0

  • Close and restart all open browsers

  • Question: Do I need to register on the website for an appointment to be fingerprinted?

    Answer: No, you can go to any authorized fingerprint collection site to have your fingerprints taken and submitted, however it is preferred that you schedule an appointment and pre-register in advance using the website.

    Question: What type of Identification document will I need to bring for my appointment?

    Answer: You will be asked to present a valid form of photo ID at the time of fingerprinting. (Examples are: State-issued drivers license, US passport, photo ID card issued by a municipality, county or state in lieu of a drivers license or military ID)

    Question: How long does it take?

    Answer: The actual process of capturing the prints electronically typically only takes a few minutes*. The prints are then immediately submitted to the regulating agency. *Capture time can vary based on quality of fingerprints

    Question: How do I pay for having my fingerprints done and submitted?

    Answer: You can pay via credit card on-line during your pre-registration or you can pay at the fingerprint collection site.

    Question: How do find out the status of my fingerprint submission?

    Answer: Applicants can use the portal to check on the status of the submission.

    Question: How do I enter the information for an AHCA background check?

    You will need the following information:

  • Employer name, address, and AHCA #

  • You will need to provide a valid picture ID at time of screening

  • On the applicant registration web site enter:
  • Full Name, Address, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Race, Sex, Height, and Weight

  • Employer name and address

  • Enter the employer AHCA# in the field labeled OCA

  • Enter the ORI for AHCA of FL922020Z

  • If you need assistance in finding the appropriate AHCA #:
    1.    Go to the Agency for Health Care Website at:
    2.    Select "Find a Facility" on the menu bar to the left of "Contact Us" and "Report Fraud"
    3.    Select the type of search
    4.    Enter the provider type, name of provider, or location to search
    5.    A list of results will be displayed; click on the appropriate provider
    6.    Once selected you will need the AHCA number from the provider information
    7.    Use the AHCA number in the OCA field

    19886 Ashburn Road | Ashburn, VA 20147 | 1-800-714-3557