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Telos ID Featured Products

  • MobileAssure Capture Software

  • MobileAssure Capture is software designed for identity capture including biographic and biometric collection and submission. Well suited for both mobile and fixed environments MobileAssure Capture can be used for identity verification, enrollment, credentialing or any requirements needing to collect biographic and biometric information.
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  • MobileAssure Verifier

  • MobileAssure Verifier is a security service that provides greater protection and safety for business and residential locations. MobileAssure Verifier enables businesses and residential buildings to conduct verification of visiting personnel to ensure their identity, purpose, and authorization to be on-site. MobileAssure Verifier provides a fast, secure, lightweight solution to better secure your business or homes from those who might attempt access and commit crimes or damage.
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  • MobileAssure Handheld Authentication Software

  • Telos ID’s MobileAssure Handheld Authentication Software uses three-factor authentication to verify personal identification on handheld devices. This involves using a hardware based access control token, such as a smart card based identification card, a PIN to access the credentials held on the smart card and a fingerprint reader to verify the biometric value held in a central database. This strong multi-factor authentication capability makes MobileAssure the appropriate choice to meet the security and authentication requirements of the most demanding applications.
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  • Telos ID Hand Geometry Unit (HGU)

  • The Telos ID Hand Geometry Unit (HGU) provides a scaleable, configurable solution for your ID security needs. The HGU uses the uniqueness of the person’s three-dimensional hand geometry for identification. The reader simultaneously analyzes more than 31,000 points and records more than 90 separate measurements of an individual's hand—including length, width, thickness and surface area—to verify that person. The HGU is fast, with typical matches in less than a second.
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