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Florida Overview

State of Florida

MobileAssure fingerprinting solution, an approved FLDE Service and livescan provider, offers agencies the ability to submit applicants for Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) fingerprint background checks. Our solution includes a convenient livescan device that is used to capture an applicant's fingerprints in combination with a PC and our MobileAssure Capture software that is used for collecting applicant demographic and fingerprint data, and for submission of records for criminal history background checks.

Our user-friendly and easy to follow web-based solution manages transactions,provides credit card payment options, and pays the FDLE processing fees all while providing a per transaction-based payment for the submission. This solution also offers agencies the ability to review scheduled appointments, set office hours, and pre-authorize applicants for processing.

There are four basic steps to MobileAssure transactions:

1. Registration - MobileAssure applicants can conveniently pre-register using our MobileAssure website where their demographic data is collected (name, address, height, weight, etc).

2. Scheduling - The applicant can schedule an appointment online based on your preset/custom appointment calendar.

3. Fingerprinting - At your organization's office, using the provided certified livescan device, operators will collect the applicant's fingerprint data for submission.

4. Submission - Once all demographic data is verified, payment is made, and fingerprints are collected, the record is then submitted to FDLE for the criminal history background check.

TelosID is listed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in the State of Florida as an authorized LiveScan Device Vendor and Service Provider. Please check the locations page for sites that TelosID's equipment and electronic fingerprint data submission system, MobileAssure, can be used to submit fingerprints to Florida.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Livescan Vendor List

19886 Ashburn Road | Ashburn, VA 20147 | 1-800-714-3557