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Telos ID DAC

Airports, air carriers, and contractors: You have a choice for TSA Designated Aviation Channeling services.

Download Telos ID DAC Information Sheet (.pdf)

Telos ID – Proven Identity and Credentialing Solutions to Meet the Most Stringent Security Requirements

Telos ID is a leading provider of identity management services to the Department of Defense, the federal government’s National Security community, and commercial enterprises.

Telos ID has supported the Common Access Card – DoD’s premier smartcard-based identification system – for nearly fifteen years, with over 2,400 biometric collection sites around the world. Last year alone, 2.8 million secure credentials were issued for active and reserve military.

An experienced system integrator, Telos ID draws on a forty-year track record working with customers to tailor mission critical solutions while adhering to government security standards.

Telos ID offers airports and air carriers a competitive TSA-approved alternative to other clearinghouse services. Telos ID Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) services offer lower fees, better customer service and quicker processing through a secure web-based solution that lets the aviation industry more efficiently run their background check and badging operations.

Telos ID DAC is:

  • Low cost – A lower-cost alternative to other channeling services
  • Customer service – Responsive technical support available 24X7
  • Easy to use – Quick and easy enrollment and fingerprint collection, flats or slap prints
  • Interoperable– Modular Web-based services that integrates with your access control, badging, or training systems
  • Secure – Complies with TSA security requirements for Authority to Operate (ATO); meets DHS regulations for handling personally identifiable information

  • Telos ID DAC gives airports, air carriers and aviation support vendors a responsive and cost-effective way to process Security Threat Assessments (STAs) and Criminal History Record Checks (CHRCs). This secure, Web-based service makes it easy to channel fingerprints and enrollment information to TSA and to meet additional badging, physical security and personnel administrative needs.

    We invite you to contact us to learn how Telos ID DAC can simplify and streamline your organization’s channeling compliance. You’ll enjoy performance, security and support from Telos ID – the leader in federal identity assurance solutions.

    For more information call us at 1-888-471-5119 or visit Telos ID Aviation Channeling

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